EP 146: How to Avoid Spending More for Fewer Leads with Ronan Leonard

Most entrepreneurs fall to the idea of spending more on resources to get more leads. While the goal is to reach more people, throwing a bunch of content to every platform is useless when you don’t understand your market’s needs. Sticking to a single approach that resonates with only a few prospects can also lead to wasted money. 

In this week’s podcast episode, Ronan Leonard discusses efficient ways to target more leads without breaking the bank. He also offers some helpful tactics to measure results and the importance of interacting with the right customers.

EP: 145

Using Perceived Weakness Into A Key To Success with David Rendall

When you’re not good at a particular job, society sees it as one of your weaknesses. These gaps are viewed as threats to becoming successful and compels us to change for us to fit in. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are steps to achieve success, and it starts by owning your incapabilities and finding strengths in them. 

In this week’s podcast episode, David Rendall, writer of the Freak Factor, tells his personal experience of using his perceived weakness to reach his full potential. He also shares how accepting your quirks can challenge assumptions and attract the right tribe. 

EP: 144

Building a Relationship-Based Business with Michelle Tillis Lederman

Building a business is one thing, but building a business based on relationships is another. It’s common for most businesspeople to detach themselves from clients, but what they don’t know is that detached relationships mean missed opportunities.

We are joined by Michelle Tillis Lederman — one of Forbes’ top 25 networking experts — and she shares with us the mindset you need to have when you’re in the industry. She also talks to us about the importance of good connections and how it can help you build your business.

EP: 143

Sales Isn't Just Saying Yes to Everyone with Matt Ryder

The traditional way that we view sales is gone. With so many competitors in the market, business owners have to be more strategic when it comes to how they are selling and who they are selling to. If you’re just throwing out a bunch of content to every person without specific targeting, then you’ll end up with a lot of dead leads.

Sales Sniper Matt Ryder to tell us all about the best ways to approach sales. He also talks about choosing your clients and learning to say no to a sale. We also discuss the importance of measures and following up on prospects.

EP: 142

Getting Real About Entrepreneurship with Chris Dufey

Ask any successful entrepreneur out there, and they’ll tell you the same thing. The journey of entrepreneurship isn’t an easy one. Running a business has its fair share of challenges. There will be things that you may not want to do, but an entrepreneur pushes through and does it anyway.

Chris Dufey talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the difficulty he faced along the way. He offers tips to handle bumps in the road and the importance of mistakes in growing your business.

EP: 141

How to Design Yourself Out of Your Business with​ Renée Hasseldine

A successful business is one that can run without you. To be able to step out of your role, you need to create systems in place that your employees can refer to. This will give you the freedom to think of new ideas and innovations that can grow and expand your business.

In this episode, we have best-selling author and consultant Renée Hasseldine to give us an exclusive on her 4 Model System. She tells us why she was the biggest problem in her business and how she managed to overcome it. We also discuss the benefits of systems and niching.

EP: 140

Dealing with Business Uncertainty During a Pandemic with​ Babette Bensoussan

Business owners have underlying biases, beliefs, and insecurities that are starting to make itself known in the pandemic. This kind of mindset can cause them to make poor business decisions and hinder your growth. When faced with  these uncertain situations, how can business owners overcome their personal beliefs?

For this week’s podcast episode, we invite multiple best-selling author and Managing Director of MindShifts, Babette Bensoussan to discuss the different levels of leadership thinking. She offers insights and solutions that can help businesses succeed during these types of situations.

EP: 139

The Right Way to Do Online Marketing with Andrew Millers

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about going through trial and error in order to find the method that sticks. Business owners need to be open-minded about innovating and making changes in order to find a strategy that adds value to their customers.

For this week’s podcast episode, we talk with Andrew Miller, founder of GrowthExpertz, on how to use growth hacking to build your business. He emphasises the importance of creating the most value for your target audience. Andrew also shares his experience with doing unconventional marketing strategies.

EP: 138

Know Your Subconscious to Know Your Business with Michelle Masters

A lot of business problems are caused by subconscious beliefs. Long before starting a business, people have developed unconscious patterns and ties that cause them to put limitations and challenges on themselves. Without realising it, you could be subconsciously recreating past mistakes or sabotaging yourself.

In this episode, we invite Michelle Masters, international bestselling author and the creator of the Money Magic workshop, to tell us more about these unconscious beliefs. 

EP: 137

Scaling Through Breaking that Invisible Ceiling of Growth with Keith Millar

Have you ever seen Salvador Dalí’s Galatea of the Spheres?

The painting shows a different image up close than when viewed from a distance.

The same goes with trying to climb your growth ceiling – it may feel like a mile away when in reality, you’re standing just a few meters below it. You only needed to take a step back.
The secret is in the perspective.

EP: 136

How to Stop Spending So Much on Socials with Josh Ryan

“Organic marketing is dead; cookies are king.”

I don’t mean to throw shade, but you know what alternative name ‘purely using cookies’ has? Cheap Traffic.

Social media may no longer be just about conversation, BUT that never stopped from being its #1 asset. Organic marketing takes talent on leveraging content – and it’s all about retention, not one-time purchases.

EP: 135

The Physique of a Mindset That Gets You Past the Vulnerable Stage with Angus Thurston

Being able to look down on your business from above – pulling all those little levers as you please.
This is one of the most fulfilling things about having a business that draws its own breath.
Want more leads? Give your marketing a push.
Need a fresh perspective? Tap your human resources.
Takes little to no effort – without having to worry about things going wrong.
All you need to worry about is growth, and more growth.

EP: 134

How Business Coaches Molded the Future of Entrepreneurship with Miranda Hill

The business industry is slowly transitioning from Masculine to Feminine.

Don’t walk away. I know, the analogy sounds weird – sexist, even. BUT it’s true.

We have the efforts of coaches to thank –  their shared knowledge and experiences rocket-fueled today’s entrepreneurs.
Now, we’re on the fast track to focusing on finding meaning, riding the graceful flow of the process (feminine) transitioning from hustling towards industry-breaking goals (masculine).
Are you familiar with it?
More importantly, think – are you ready for it?

EP: 133

Why It Pays to Play Fairygodmother Sometimes with Zach Schleien

“No product is perfect.” (or so they say)
Perfect, in business, means your clients see your product as a need.
It means becoming part of their daily lives – making it better than ever.
So how do you build your product to fit them like a jigsaw?
You can’t read minds – and this is definitely not something you should be “winging”.
The answer: bring customer demand to reality.
In this #FREEDOMSeries episode, our guest, customer interactions wizard Zach Schleien will guide us through his journey of scaling through listening.

EP: 132

What’s Next After Personal Freedom? A Lifestyle Talk with Justin Donald

Between “I get to do it” and “I have to do it”, you deserve to have a choice.
BUT there is more to life than earning that choice.
It’s liberation beyond personal freedom.
It means enjoying your position of freedom 100x by propelling people to get into the same position as you – because they deserve it too.
In this #FREEDOMSeries episode, our guest, lifestyle investor Justin Donald will share his strategies on earning a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment.

EP: 131

Why Your Business Needs to Complete the Dynamic Duo of Success by Sammi Jaeger

Did-you-know that Apple was founded by two Steves in 1977?
Steve Jobs, the figurehead and Steve Wozniak, the person behind the genius of Apple’s tech.
Without either Steve, the world’s 3rd legendary Apple wouldn’t have made history.
Finding your ‘other Steve’ might just be what your business needs to be the next industry standard.
In this #FREEDOMSeries episode, our guest, high-profile Implementer will share her secrets as the wizard behind the scenes.

EP: 130

What it Takes to Raise an Entrepreneur with Haami Williams

An entrepreneur’s most valuable asset is knowing how to leverage what they’ve got.
In short: the affinity to rally people and resources to your cause.

BUT in scaling your business, you must learn to let go of some things to allow room for so much more.

In there, you leverage not just your charisma, but your affinity for adapting to change.
In this #FREEDOMSeries episode, our guest, AFL star turned business leader Haami Williams will delve into his mindset shift on his redefined responsibility in on the business.

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