The Boardroom

For businesses doing over $2 million p.a. in any industry

THE BOARDROOM is a business coaching program that uses a proven growth methodology used by thousands of companies worldwide to achieve 2x cash flow, 3x profitability, and 10x valuation within just 3 years.

Sustainable growth requires the right decisions in four critical areas... and getting it wrong can sink your business.

Growing fast usually means hiring new staff like crazy, overextending on credit and strangling cash flow. When you’re operating below the $1-2 million mark, these problems can be absorbed with a chunk of focused energy and good old fashioned hard work.

But for businesses operating above $2 million a year, just a 1% shift can expand the cracks past their tipping point… and bankrupt you overnight.

What would happen if your business grew 25% in the next month? What would break? Cashflow? Staff Deliverability? A combination of the above… or more?

The fact is… The strategies that got you to 6 figures won’t get you to multiple 7 figures.

In fact, they’ll actually cripple your business. Because into 7 figures, you’re dealing with a scale that needs to be organised a very specific way to work.

There are 4 critical areas every entrepreneur must get right to run as a sustainable, profitable, and reliable 7 figure business: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash

THE BOARDROOM leverages proven Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions™ tools and strategies to help you scale up smarter. Our framework guides you to make the right critical decisions to maximise your revenue, profit and time.

We work together 1:1 with you bi-weekly to make a positive change over the four critical areas of business. Ultimately you and your team are provided with insights, tools, tips, and techniques that will take your business to the next level of sustainable growth.

We use a 12-step process to create your 3-Year Highly Achievable Goal and align your team on the path for accelerated business growth.

The Boardroom™ outlines battle-proven methods for optimising people, strategy, execution and cash decisions, and shows leaders how to implement these key systems in a practical way, so you can scale your company without spending your time putting out fires. Our head coach Keith Millar is trained in 3HAG: a practical strategic execution system that aligns your business’ daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals with your company’s 3-year highly achievable goal – your 3HAG. With systems, tools and worksheets for every important area of your business, creating sustainable, profitable, and reliable growth and profit is achievable within 3 years or less.

Make more money. Spend less time.
Grow and scale.

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Are you doing over $2 million p.a., and have been trying to scale but hitting a glass ceiling? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with The Boardroom Specialist today to learn more about how we can help you achieve breakthrough growth and a more profitable, scalable and enjoyable business.

What Do You Get In The Boardroom?

The Boardroom aligns your team, your strategy and your operational practices with speed and efficiency, so you can...

Meet The Gazelle™ Certified Head Coach

Keith Millar

In every single sport, the competitors at the top got there because they have a great coach.

Keith has 40+ years of experience operating at an executive level. He has worn multiple hats including founder, manager, trainer and coach – and has excelled at them all!

Back in the early days as an ‘in-the-trenches’ entrepreneur, Keith co-founded an issues management, strategy and communications consultancy with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, serving clients from Australia’s top blue-chip firms. In the late ‘90s, he began a training company focused on the development of leaders and managers.

Today Keith coaches professional service partners, business owners and senior management teams from a broad and diverse range of organizations. As a Gazelle Scaling Up™ Coach, Keith also undertakes a yearly rigorous training and certification process to ensure that his coaching ability remains top-notch for keeping CEOs and their teams performing at their highest levels.

Keith is 1 of only 100 in the world trained as a certified Gazelles coach and 1 of only 60 trained in The Metronome Effect and 3HAG way.

Limited To Groups Of 12 Business Owners

The Boardroom is designed for group participation to accelerate every member’s learning and results. As such, we limit groups to 12 business owners at a time, and we’re very specific about who we allow entry into the program.

The application process involves an initial 30-minute consultation with a Boardroom Specialist to learn more about your business and assess whether you might be a good fit. If we feel there is value in continuing the conversation, we will schedule a deeper 1-hour discussion with CEO Barry Magliarditi.

If your business is doing over $2 million p.a., and you are looking to scale to the next level…