Business Coaching

The change and growth experienced by our clients are remarkable and are not limited to just business

The Game Changers are Australia’s Leading Coaching Business for a good reason.

The change and growth experienced by our clients are remarkable and are not limited to just business – it is experienced in all aspects of life for the client and those around them.

The Game Changers have coaches that specialise in all areas of business coaching and educational training. The Boardroom largely focuses on scalability, leadership and culture and is aligned with medium to large businesses that turnover multi million dollars.

Alternatively, Business Coaching for SMEs focuses on systemisation and growth in key areas such as sales, revenue, profits and time management for success and future scaling.

The Game Changers methodology is holistic. It recognises the strong linkage between the psychology and mindset of the business owner and their ability to drive the performance and operations of their business and team. A business will never outgrow its founder.

Consequently, The Game Changers have a heavy focus working with the business owner and how they are showing up in their business with 70-80% of what they do focused on the mindset and 20-30% focused on business strategy. The Game Changers have found that businesses that are showing up with the right psychology are more successful and fulfilled than those who have the right strategy.

By working with the business owner to create a foundation of success psychology and success mindset prior to working on Systems, Processes, People & Performance and Sales & Marketing, WE see results far beyond our client’s wildest dreams.


How Vanessa and Edie of Profit First Accounting grew their business while working less and being twice as happy with their personal lives

The Opulence System™

The Opulence System™ creates a journey for you and your business, establishing a starting point showing where you are in your business and life.

From this point, you can set your navigation towards where you want to go and what the ultimate success looks like – creating a vision to drive towards, setting your mission and the values for which you and your business stand for.

The Opulence System™ sets you on course with setting out your 90-day Roadmaps leading you to success through the week to week steps, goals you’re striving for and the projects you’re tackling along the way.

The whole process is underpinned by a dynamic and interactive community that is sharing ideas, methods, know-hows and supported by the Game-Changing Coaches who enable you every step of the way through each 90-day sprint, our Opulence Operating System™.

At the completion of the 90-day sprints we have the opportunity to all come together, celebrate and share the success whilst learning a bunch of new content during the 3-day Intensives.

Each intensive, whether global or within Australia, brings together The Game-Changing Tribe and Barry Magliarditi presenting and teaching the latest, hottest game-changing strategies that will enable you to GROW and SCALE your business without you. Our Opulence Intensives™ are jam-packed with fun and incredible learning for everyone to push their limits beyond what they thought was possible.


Johannes Klupfel shares the benefit of systemising his business through the Opulence Program!

The Game Changers Genius Model™

The Game Changers Genius Model™ is a compilation of our knowledge and everything we know that you need to know to SUCCEED.

Success is different for everyone. However, all success and greatness are underpinned by vision, passion, purpose, strategy and a roadmap that collaborates with your team to achieve the goals that move your mission and life forward.

We believe that business is a vehicle to consciously create our future and live a lifestyle of our choosing. We believe in living a life filled with meaning and that business is a natural extension of expressing ourselves and creating a meaningful legacy for those after us.

It takes the conscious minds and open hearts of many to come together and create positive and sustained change that is meaningful for our world and its children.

The Game Changers are in business to work with people who are highly driven to be the change they wish to see in the world and see their business as the vehicle to achieve just that! We know that it is the precious few who are driven towards fulfilling their truest potential and creating the opportunity for those around them to do the same.

It is our mission to create an Opulent Community of Business owners through The Game Changers Genius Model™.

We deliver The Game Changers Genius Model™ through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, online training and webinars and quarterly face-to-face business intensives as an Opulent Community.

Our Opulence System™ is a vehicle to fulfill our mission by enabling our clients to fulfill their vision and live a life they truly desire.

Together we stand in a world where we contribute, build and share momentum, through leading with our hearts and using our minds to achieve what success is to each and everyone one of us.