EP: 104 How to Attract Your People: Clarity and Confidence in Self with Melanie Power

Have you ever felt like you need to act, say, and do certain things to attract the tribe of your dreams? Never quite as authentic as you want to be in fear of rejection, retaliation or simple failure?

This episode with Melanie Power will give you the confidence boost that you need, and the clarity to know in your heart that the only sure fire way to attract your dream clients, staff, and community is by being unapologetically yourself.

Melanie Power is a serial small business startup addict, having had a range of businesses from startup to succession all built to 6 & 7 figures in the accounting profession, motorcycle dealerships, finance brokerages, technology consultancy and also now in the coaching, education and training profession. Her 30 years of business expertise is focused on helping accountants, bookkeepers and women in business to obtain freedom and financial independence by empowering them to Command The Price They Deserve For The Value They Deliver, and to Design Businesses They Love

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