EP: 060 Rekindling Your Inner Fire Towards Running a Purpose-Driven Business with Adam Hommey and Barry Magliarditi

Barry and Adam are life-long mentors who share the same vision, mission, and values. They both started as employees who had no voice nor recognition – who soon realized their worth.

There is, of course, no straight ladder to success. These guys made their own, and then inspired many others to do so too. With their experience and expertise, Barry and Adam will show us how purpose and inner game – not profits – are what makes everything worthwhile.

The Comeback Game Episode 60 - Adam Hommey with Barry Magliarditi

Adam Hommey, is the founder and creator of The Business Creators’ Institute™, he has put to work his passion for fixing and making things work into people’s lives.

For years, Adam has been the “secret weapon” that shot dozens of internet marketers, executive marketing solution providers, and professional service providers to success.

His mentoring, teaching, and solutions help people fire up their inner game and translate it into a successful work life. Not by long, grueling hours, but by purpose-driven business handling.

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