Darryn Van Wyk – Kwikcut

How Darry Van Wyk ticked off his first goal just within 30 days with The Game Changers

Kwikcut is based in Perth, West Australia. They provide quality concrete cutting, grinding, coring, polishing and drilling services. Having operated for the past 11 years, Kwikcut offers a wide range of quality construction and demolition related services at competitive rates. 

While having some time off last December, Darryn found The Game Changers while browsing on some business pages online. Within his first 30-days of joining the program, he not only ticked off his goal that has been there for 10 years, but also managed to have a positive mindset despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Darryn's biggest win of structuring his day paired with an amazing community and mentors has been a big factor for his results to start showing.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Darryn continued to be aggressive in hitting goals and being challenged by The Game Changers to get out there and produce results for his business and his life.


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